Customer is King

Skärmavbild 2017-05-24 kl. 11.10.39Responding to market needs at a higher pace and with higher precision requires faster and more accurate customer feedback. Accordingly, Agile Business needs refined methods for market research – such as those advocated by the experienced business advisor Karin Nelsson, interviewed in the latest issue of Lean Magazine.

Agile Business means that any action taken in a company should correspond to a market need. Or to put it differently: it’s the 2.0 version of the old business saying “Customer is king”. No matter the size or the age of the company: Agile Business triggers profound changes – not only in leadership, R&D and marketing, but also in the way customer feedback and business intelligence should be managed. Lean Magazine contacted Karin Nelsson, senior partner at Inizio, to learn more about modern market research.

Read the article here: lean_magazine_14_170425_2

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