Inizio at CNN for the Presidential Elections

We are very proud that Inizio’s senior partner Karin Nelsson had the opportunity to monitor the US presidential election at CNN in Washington as part of the Decision desk. The decision desk is where returns are analyzed before the results are announced on TV. For more info on the decision test watch this video.

“The presidential election was very exciting for many reasons. The election took place at a time when the whole world is facing very difficult challenges and the candidates were offering very different solutions to these challenges. Millions of people around the world were eager to get to know the outcome of the election in the United States. To be able to follow the polls closely and understand how the voters reasons has been a privilege and I have gained more knowledge that I now bring back to my team in Sweden that will help us improve even more the work that we do at Inizio” – Karin Nelsson

Inizio has been in USA several times and presented how we work with digital surveys and quality control. Various media and research companies have raised their interest to discuss our approach and different aspects of our panel, including how we work with recruitment and our aim of carrying out short and interesting surveys that our members enjoy filling out and where our unique incentive is sharing the results of these surveys with our members on a weekly basis.

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