Launch of the first software-based brandlift measurement platform

Swedish company Brand Metrics is launching a new platform enabling publishers and media owners to continuously and seamlessly measure brandlift on any type of digital advertising.

The system combines robust, secure and GDPR compliant technology with a unique scientific algorithm that identifies and reports a campaign’s brandlift on awareness, consideration, preference and purchase intent. The platform will be rolled out throughout the world’s biggest digital land-markets during 2018.

Brand Metrics pinpoints the real value provided by premium publishers to an advertiser. The amount of delivered ad impressions is a mean to an end and click is a hopeless proxy metric, since nobody has ever clicked on a banner and bought for example a car or a hamburger. Brand Metrics’ mission is to demonstrate the value of advertising, and that value really is to leverage the brand and create an intention among consumers to act. By continuously measuring and reporting brandlift a publisher takes control and responsibility for the part they truly can be held accountable for.

“We see a big shift going on in the market right now”, says Anders Lithner, co-founder of Brand Metrics. “On one side we see advertisers prioritizing control, looking for relevance, brand safety and a high-quality context that supports and builds their brand. On the other side, we see a lot of premium publishers fully able to offer just that, but not being able to leverage and monetize proportionally on their inventory. By feedbacking brandlift, publishers and advertisers can engage in discussions focusing on effect and value instead of bad proxy metrics.”

Brand Metrics is an offspring of the Swedish insight company Inizio that has offered the methodology to major European publishers since 2015, conducting more than 4 000 brandlift measurements to date.

Up until this time in history brandlift has been measured ad hoc. With the recent technical inventions from Brand Metrics, brandlift measurements can be automated by publishers, using a software solution. That paves the way for brandlift becoming the business critical KPI that advertisers want it to be.

Brand Metrics’ goal is to be leading the paradigm shift toward a digital advertisement market operating on relevant metrics and to be the number one provider of brandlift measurements for quality media.

Contact information

Anders Lithner                                          Mikael Larsson
Brand Metrics Sweden AB                       Brand Metrics Sweden AB           
Tel: +46 734 39 95 54                               Tel: +46 707 91 24 25

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