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This is the 2nd semester of my 3rd year. I can’t believe how fast time flies. I remember my first day in CU (caucasus university), when I first stepped into the building. I was confused, nervous and excited, but I knew that it was a new chapter in my life, something very significant. And I was right about it. It was like yesterday and now after 3 years I have just 2 semesters left after I graduate from Caucasus University and it’s been an amazing experience for me with all the challenges and good memories.

This semester was probably the best and the most interesting semesters during my studying here  because of the classes and lecturers. I studied German which wasn’t very hard for me because I graduated from german public school. But it was nice to study german again, when it comes to studying another language, it is very easy to forget it. So it is necessary to practice it from time to time. I also had Proffesional English (Social science) class, wich was also very interesting. We learned how to write properly different kind of essays, we read a lot articles about different topics and issues and practiced critical reading and thinking. What’s more on I had my first speaking exam in English. Before I stepped into the exam I was very nervous, but as soon as I walked in I felt confident and got 10 out of 10. I had SPSS programing class as well and I really enjoyed it, because I like working with computers and programs. Another class I had was political sociology which I found was interesting with all the theories and ideologies we learned. My last and my farovite class was sociology of media. It was very diverting to find out how media affects on society in different ways and how the idustry of media works in all of it’s aspects.

Now I have final exams. I wrote 3 and have 2 left. I’m doing pretty well by far and I think that’s because the classes were so interesting and entertaining for me. When you are doing something  it suddenly gets a lot more easier if you are doing it with passion.

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