A Golden Opportunity for Media Owners


Premium publishers have what advertisers seek and are willing to pay for, they just need to be bold, consistent and prove it.

When probing advertisers about their main concerns and objectives attached to digital advertising, it becomes very clear what their priorities are: brand safety, the value of relevant context, audience quality and the importance to look at and focus on campaign effect.

When asked to specify what they mean by effect it is obvious that it is not about clicks. Advertisers are trying to look beyond technical metrics and work out how to make advertising leverage the brand. In order to sell anything at all, consumers need to be made aware of what the brand has to offer. When that job is done consumers’ interest and brand perception need to be cultivated to the point that they would consider, or better yet prefer, the brand over other brands in the category. That is what drives purchase intent and further down the line the holy grail: purchase – be it on- or offline, instantaneous or later on. The click is a terrible indicator of the advertisement’s ability to create such positive brand elevation.

This is in fact very good news for serious media owners and publishers! Instead of struggling against the wind, trying to defend ad revenues from the double threat of the duopoly and the whatever RTB inventory out there that is sold at bargain CPMs, serious media owners can work proactively and turn the sales and revenue into robust growth.

What it takes is 100% dedication in every meeting, every call, to talk about the real value of communicating in the relevant media channels provided by serious media owners. Never ever make the mistake of talking about clicks and instant conversions. It is used by the buying side to push prices downwards, despite the fact that advertisers do not care for real. Getting into the haggle will only prolong the pain of shrinking market shares for the media owners. Be evidence based. Prove that campaigns in the right channels pushes the consumers into awareness, from there to consideration and preference and further on to purchase intent and actual action.

There´s several examples of Publishers that, through consistent usage of brandlift measurements, have managed to increase number of client meetings, CPM-levels and ad revenue. Programmatic is definitely here to stay and should be embraced. But there can be a rebirth of IO display. Why? Because brandlift is what the advertisers are really looking for.

Get in touch if you want to hear more about how to use brandlift measurements to turn the tables and start growing ad revenues rather than defending them.

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