Media & Branding

Inizio offers a number of different products, from campaign measurements of both digital and analogue campaigns, to brand surveys and advanced sales modelling projects. Our media team’s extensive experience ensures that we really do understand your challenges, and we customise solutions based on your conditions and wishes in order for us to be able to deliver the best results.

DOOH/OOH Measurements

Inizio is the market leader in following-up on outdoor campaigns. We follow-up on completed outdoor campaigns, with questions about how the respondents had observed the advertising and their attitudes to it. We utilise a high quality web panel to gather the responses, and we supply the results to you as a sales report ready for immediate use.

Cross Media​

Campaigns are seldom concentrated to one type of media, but consist of a set of multiple channels. These compete with and supplement each other in different ways. With a Cross Media measurement we can see how different channels increase the effect on each other, and give you the answer as to how you can best plan your marketing strategy.

Context Studies

Increasing numbers of digital advertising space buyers are using automated, programmed solutions. There are several reasons for this, but the most important is low-level CPM. Inizio has conducted several studies that show that "trusted news brands" motivate high-level CPM, as the digital advert has significantly better conditions for creating effects there.

Sales Modelling

Inizio has extensive experience in creating statistical models to explain how advertising and marketing efforts influence a brand's performance, which is often measured in sales. With our Sales Modelling solution we can highlight a brand's sales and apply the various contributions of advertising and marketing efforts to the result. In short, this means a more advanced method of getting to grips with the concept of ROMI.

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