Future report: Millennials and online integrity

Millennials are aware that the data they leave behind is valuable – and they worry about how it is used. Inizio is contributing for the fourth time in Schibsted’s yearly edition of Future Report.  This year Future Report has compared Millennials online habits in Sweden, France and Spain. 

Millennials are the first generation to grow up surrounded by mobile technology and social media. They live in the moment and have been described as unattached, connected, free and idealistic. They also do their business in a time where personal data is currency. So, what are their view on integrity and privacy online? In this year’s edition of Future Report we find that Millennials in Sweden, Spain and France do care about their online privacy and that they do worry about integrity online.

Millennials’ digital lifestyle includes a higher number of friends on social media profiles, they share their location with friends and family, but are less likely to share their location with businesses and employers. They are also more likely to delete social media profiles entirely. Millennials are known to have little trust in companies and brands. They don’t trust companies like Facebook, even though they interact with them and share personal information with them.

In the wake of the unexpected outcome of Brexit and the presidential election in USA, a discussion about social media, fake news and the use of psychographic data became heated. Combined with the upcoming GDPR regulation, digital habits related to data security are even more important to under­stand. Our study shows that a majority of the millennials in Sweden, France and Spain are worried about the fact that traces you leave on social media are used to direct messages in order to influence elections.

For the fourth year Schibsted is presenting a new edition of Future Report. This is their outlook on trends within tech, people, society and business. It’s a report from Schibsted people, from different companies all over the world, who are sharing their knowledge and thoughts. They have also invited some of our friends, who we’ve worked closely with, to participate. Inizio very proud to be among the contributors again. Enjoy the full report!

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